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Zoom's Superpower

There is a superpower hidden inside of Zoom. It makes remote meetings more engaging, more productive, and more fun than live in-person meetings. This superpower is great for delivering training, fostering innovation, and creating deeper personal connections between all participants in the group.

Use the superpower well and your training will be dramatically more effective, you will unleash dramatically more innovative ideas, and attendees will naturally meet and work with more of their fellow participants.

The Superpower is called Breakout Rooms.

Breakout Rooms allow you to split your meeting participants into separate temporary meetings. If you have 12 people in your meeting and you want them to do an activity in smaller groups you can split them into smaller groups and then they can return to the bigger group when they are done. The meeting host may even visit the different groups if they desire.

Often in live in-person training classes we ask people to form groups of two or three to work on something together for a period of time. Once the period of time is over we ask them to come back and report their results to the group.

All of this takes a lot of time in live in-person meetings. But it happens instantly in zoom! You are instantly and automatically broken into smaller groups and you can be instantly and automatically pulled back to the main group. It is like magic. If you set a breakout room to last for 5 minutes the participants are warned by a clock so they know when they will be pulled back to the larger group.

A few key strategies for breakout rooms:

  • Participants should use the desktop client to join the original meeting not the browser for this feature to function properly.

  • Use additional shared tools like google docs to collect the results of different breakout teams in one location.

  • Breakout for very specific tasks that the team is to work on together. When returning have someone from each breakout room report back to the larger group.

Breakout Rooms are one of the most interesting advanced features we see in on-line meeting tools. All training and most other meetings will be dramatically improved by understanding when and how to use this feature well.

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