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Remote Meeting Attendance Checklist

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

In our Welcome to Hollywood article we talked about how working from home puts you in the movie business. This is true when you are just attending a meeting. This companion checklist is purely practical. Review it before starting each remote meeting. Follow as many of tips as is possible for you. The more items you can follow, the better your online experience!

Studio (My Score: ____ )

____ Reboot your computer 30 minutes before the meeting ____ Turn off all other unnecessary Apps

____ Turn off TVs, phones, tablets, and unnecessary computer devices which may use the Internet

____ Test internet speed after reboot:

____ Launch Zoom from the Desktop client

Director (My Score: ____ ) ____ Login 5 minutes before event begins

____ Turn on your Camera

____ Check the framing of your shot before the meeting starts

____ Warn others nearby you are about to start filming

Sound Engineer (My Score: ____ )

____ Find a quiet Location

____ Turn on your microphone

____ Turn off other devices nearby which make sound

____ Use noise cancelling microphones

____ Check your sound before the meeting starts

____ Mute cell phones, tablets, and other devices

____ Tell roommates you are about to go live

____ Check your sound before the meeting starts

____ Put a sign on your studio door begging for quiet

Lights (My Score: ____ )

____ Do not sit in front of windows

____ Be visible, light your face from the front

____ Check for shadows, adjust lights to eliminate unwanted shadows

____ Check for reflections in glasses, adjust lights to reduce reflections

Set Design (My Score: ____ )

____ Ensure your set looks good in your shot

____ Remove unwanted items from the shot

____ Use virtual background if set is inappropriate

Costumes & Makeup (My Score: ____ )

____ Dress better than you think you should

____ Comb or brush available

____ Tissues available ____ Use makeup or face smoothing feature, if appropriate

Actor (My Score: ____ )

____ Do not multitask

____ Make eye contact when talking: look into the camera not at the picture of yourself

____ Speak loud enough to be heard

____ Speak clearly, slow down if necessary

____ Make eye contact when listening: look into the camera not at the picture of yourself

You online presence in remote meetings is a direct reflection on who you are and how others see you, hear you, and treat you.

BONUS Equipment Checklist (My Score: ____ )

____ Have ZOOM Desktop Client ____ Have a high quality HD camera

____ Have a tripod and position camera at eye level

____ Have a headset microphone / speaker

____ Have a spare headset microphone / speaker

____ Have a high speed (10 Mbps) internet connection (test at

____ Have a portable green screen background

____ Have a place where you can restrict access, and others will not walk into the shot

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