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Positive Emotional Energy

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

OK. Let’s be honest, most meetings suck.

Do you have a Monday morning status meeting you attend with your co-workers and your boss? Does the boss call on each person one at a time and ask questions about the status of their work? Does the boss weigh in to provide specific direction and feedback, frequently working the problem during the meeting to find a good solution? You are bored out of your skull, right?

Guess what, moving this meeting to Zoom doesn’t make it any better. If you are in meetings where you feel are wasting your time and which you are anxious to leave to get some “real work done” then simply moving that meeting to Zoom only makes it worse.

Good news.

There are dramatically better ways to run most meetings. And moving to remote meetings is a great time to fix broken meetings. Good meetings have a defined purpose, are worth the effort for all attending, and people leave happy with a sense of positive emotional energy. Purpose

To design a good meeting start with its purpose. What is the reason we are meeting as a group? What real work do we want to accomplish that requires coming together?

Write the purpose as a single sentence.The more focused the purpose, the more effective the meeting. The more the purpose demands the continued active participation of all of the participants, the more effective the meeting.

A key question we ask of participants at the end of remote meetings is, "Did the meeting accomplish its purpose?" If the answer is "No," "I don't know," or "This has a purpose?" then we have a problem. We have to fix the meeting.

Worth The Effort

A second key question we ask participants at the end of the meeting is “Was it worth it for you to attend?” Is the meeting worth the sacrifice they are making to be there? If their answer is no we need to restructure the meeting, either by changing the structure or changing the participants. WE NEED TO BE DIRECT IN ASKING THESE QUESTIONS IN REMOTE MEETINGS.

In part because it is hard to pick up the subtle clues people give off when they are exasperated when you are working remotely. So don’t wait to read people, just ask. There is a third meeting question to ask at the end of every remote meeting: Positive Emotional Energy

“Do you feel better after attending this meeting?” Are attendees leaving with a sense of positive emotional energy, feeling good about their time spent at the meeting and their willingness to attend the next time? Their answer can be as simple as a happy face or a frown face picture they hold up to the screen. If you continually get a lot of frown faces then it is time to redesign the meeting. Here is a tip… ask them why it was a frown face after the meeting one-on-one. They likely have the reason and even a fix for you.

Three Meeting Review Questions Recap:

  1. Did the meeting accomplish its purpose?

  2. Was it worth it for you to attend?

  3. Do you feel better after attending this meeting?

All must be yes or something should change!

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