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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

All remote interactions do not have to be about remote work. One of the great things about creating positive and appreciative organizations is simply interacting as humans.

All of the best teams I have ever been on frequently do one or more of the following together: eat lunch together, go on walks together, play games together, get drinks together.

Eating food together is one of humanity's oldest ceremonies. You can unleash its power over Zoom too! Things you might do:

1. Set a time to eat lunch together from home, each with their zoom link on. Enjoy the food and company.

2. Set a time for an exercise break. If someone on the team is a guru you might even ask them to lead!

3. Set a time for an after work drink with friends who like to unwind with a nice glass of chardonnay. Toast over Zoom!

4. Play a game together, over Zoom.

5. Read a poem to each other, over Zoom. And really really listen to the poem. Then read a description of what the poem may mean.

6. Be creative.

A few minutes each day of time to come closer together, to support and encourage each other, goes a long way to improving communication throughout the entire day.

Take care of each other.


Inspired by friends: Kyle, Mike, Bella, and Judy

#classroom #participation

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