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Make Working At Home Work For You

Learn how to use Kanban to successfully tackle your workday and turn it from chaos into a clear plan of action, in our 1-hour Zoom Course. 

This is the Standing Room only course we delivered at Agile & Beyond!

In this session discover: 

  • What Personal Kanban is and how to leverage its strengths

  • Six steps to effectively manage your work at home

  • The power of kinesthetics 

  • Why doing only one thing at a time really matters

You'll leave with your first Personal Kanban plan completed, to take back control of your day.

We know you’ve successfully gotten some semblance of a home office together, you’re setting up and joining Zoom meetings, you’re on the phone with your team and management regularly. You are now seeing your daily task list grow.

A lot.


now that you’re at home, every time you walk to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee or a glass of water you see something that needs to be done... a load of laundry, pick up toys, walk the dog, get the mail, dust that shelf, vacuum the carpet, fix that lamp, rake the leaves, mow the lawn.

The list goes on.

Oh, and in that length of time to get your coffee and register all the other to-do’s, your email inbox received 20 new messages. How are you staying on top of all this chaos while not letting the critical items fall off? 

We have a great answer... PERSONAL KANBAN. Register and discover the power and simplicity of this tool!  

A hands-on, interactive, immersive workshop in 60 minutes which gets you back on track!

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April 28, 12:01PM EDT
1 Hour Zoom Course

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