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Discover Your Role in Making Remote Meetings Rock

Have You Been Told to Work From Home? 
Do You Attend Remote Video Meetings?
Do You Manage People Working From Home?
Do You Run On-Line Events?

Discover Your Role in Making Remote Meetings ROCK.

Remote meeting participants are the studio, director, and actor for their own personal video feed. Streaming video is your remote meeting presence. It tells a story about you, directly impacting how others see, hear, and value you.

Learn new skills and expectations for communicating and working together remotely. Learn:

  • Seven key areas to improve to make your remote meetings shine 

  • Three things to do before every meeting (that make it all go more smoothly)

  • A remote meeting superpower hidden inside of Zoom!

  • The key foundational principle to unlock the best in others in your on-line meetings

  • Three critical questions to ask after every on-line meeting

Most importantly, learn each and every participant’s role in creating great remote work experiences!  

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Foundations: Courses & Programs
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